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Project calendar

21-23 MARCH 2017

Final OpenNESS Annual Meeting in Smolenice, Slovakia

OpenNESS cooperation with the Biodiversity Virtual e-Laboratory (BioVeL) project

The FP7 project Biodiversity Virtual e-Laboratory (BioVeL) develops a virtual e-laboratory that supports research on biodiversity issues using large amounts of data from cross-disciplinary sources. The main goal of BioVeL is to develop open source web-based research tools for managing workflows, which can offer effective solutions for common scientific tasks requiring significant computational power and the use of large public datasets. One of BioVeL's main objectives is to create workflows for the ecosystem services (ES) community. Accordingly, there is a potential cooperation between BioVeL and OpenNESS, which will be explored in the near future.

Robert Dunford (UOXF), Miklós Kertész and Bálint Czúcz (MTA ÖK) each gave a presentation introducing the OpenNESS project and several still unresolved questions in ecosystem services research at the BioVeL MS11 milestone event ‘Ecosystem functioning & valuation web services and workflows’.

The OpenNESS-BioVeL cooperation is currently championed by the Centre for Ecological Research of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA ÖK), which is involved in both projects, and is the leader for ES-related work in BioVeL. This work involves the active development of a terrestrial ecosystem model (Biome-BGC): ecosystem service indicators are being defined and tested, and the whole model is being integrated into a European desktop grid infrastructure environment for gridded spatial-temporal simulation. The first beta versions of the Biome-BGC-based ES workflow(s) will probably be out for testing and use by the OpenNESS community in the first half of 2014.