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Project calendar

21-23 MARCH 2017

Final OpenNESS Annual Meeting in Smolenice, Slovakia

Setting up an online ecosystem services platform

At a joint brainstorm session by the OpenNESS and OPERAs projects, plans for a common online platform for ecosystem services and natural capital were discussed. Researchers of both projects met in the Amsterdam public library, a perfect setting for discussing a platform for knowledge exchange. The intention to create a single platform jointly by both research projects was confirmed and responds to the wish of the funder, the European Commission Directorate-General for Research & Innovation.

In general terms the platform will provide a central access point to essential resources in support of operationalizing ecosystem services and natural capital. The meeting explored vision and goals, potential user groups, possible questions to be answered by the platform, challenges for joint development, possible solutions and functionality. A joint project team was set up to lead the process through the next few years. A first step will be to develop a scoping paper for input in the full project meetings that will be held in October.

Image: OPERAs homepage