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Project calendar

21-23 MARCH 2017

Final OpenNESS Annual Meeting in Smolenice, Slovakia

Students in Brazil test Ecosystem Service Mapping App developed by OpenNESS

During a postgraduate course at UNESP (Rio Claro, Brazil) about 'Socio-Environmental Systems', students have been testing the smartphone-based ecosystem service mapping application (ESM-App) developed by OpenNESS partner UFZ in case study 'Bioenergy-related synergies and trade-offs in ES provision in Central Germany'.

The lecturers, OpenNESS members Joerg Priess (UFZ, Leipzig) and Patricia Pinho (USP, Sao Paulo) used the ESM-App in a practical exercise with students to capture demands for mainly cultural ecosystem services in urban and rural contexts at case study 'Opportunities for the operationalization of ecosystem services involving bioenergy production and mandatory native vegetation areas in interior São Paulo, Brazil' in collaboration with UNESP.

So far, the ESM-App has been tested in the three cases in Saxony - Germany, Cairngorms – Scotland, and Rio Claro – Brazil. Currently a new app is being developed for the assessment of urban ecosystem services by OpenNESS partner NINA (Oslo, Norway).

Following the beta testing phase, the ESM-App will be made available via the common platform OPPLA.

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Photo: OpenNESS scientists discussing with farmer (centre) and mapping ecosystem services in rural areas, interior São Paulo.