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Project calendar

21-23 MARCH 2017

Final OpenNESS Annual Meeting in Smolenice, Slovakia

ECNC–European Centre for Nature Conservation – ECNC (the Netherlands)

ECNC is an independent European expertise centre for biodiversity and sustainable development, working in over 60 European and Central Asian countries, and supporting various global processes. ECNC promotes an integrated approach for both land and sea and actively stimulates the interaction between science, society and policy. ECNC provides a bridge between policy and science and society on the one hand, and ecology and economy on the other, this way strongly contributing to greener and more resource efficient economies.

An essential component of ECNC’s activities is the involvement of, and cooperation with, a range of stakeholders. These include policy-makers (from international to local levels), science and research, business and entrepreneurs, land managers, financing and banking, and civil society organisations. ECNC works intensively with intergovernmental and supranational organisations and processes, in particular the European Union, its Commission and all its 27 Member States. It is also a consortium member of the European Topic Centre on Biological Diversity giving it a firm role in delivering biodiversity information to the European Environment Agency and EU institutions. ECNC also works closely with the Council of Europe and the European office of the United Nations Environment Programme. Through their participation in the EU Coordination Group on Biodiversity and Nature, ECNC has a direct say in EU biodiversity policy development and as a member of the European Habitats Forum, ECNC joins other European environmental NGOs in their dialogue with the European Commission.

ECNC is coordinator and secretariat of the European Learning Network on Functional Agrobiodiversity, facilitating knowledge exchange on the science-policy link for ecosystem services provided by functional agrobiodiversity, and of the European Learning Network for Regions and Biodiversity, empowering regions and municipalities, and allowing regional and local stakeholders to exchange experience and expertise and to join forces in meeting biodiversity targets and commitments, while contributing to sustainable development, including the maintenance of vital ecosystem services. ECNC also is a partner in the BiodiversityKnowledge project and ALTER-Net. Finally, ECNC leads the process for the Natura 2000 Biogeographic seminars and facilitates stakeholder involvement for DG Environment and is affiliated with Elsevier Science in publishing the Journal for Nature Conservation.

ECNC leads work package 7 on impact and dissemination. To find out more about ECNC, go to