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21-23 MARCH 2017

Final OpenNESS Annual Meeting in Smolenice, Slovakia

Synthesis paper on non-monetary valuation of ecosystem services published

The fifth chapter of the OpenNESS Ecosystem Services Reference Book is out now. The new synthesis paper - generated by OpenNESS members ESSRG, UAM and UAB - deals with the non-monetary valuation of ecosystem services.

Non-monetary valuation methods explore the importance, preferences, needs, or demands expressed by people towards nature and articulate plural values in qualitative or quantitative measures other than money. In the last decade science and policy have paid growing attention to this methodological field, which is also reflected by the increasing number of scientific papers and policy documents which underline the key role of non-monetary methods in ecosystem services valuation.

Nevertheless, non-monetary valuation does not yet constitute a formalized methodological field in the context of ecosystem services: it encompasses a wide range of tools, techniques and approaches that have different philosophical roots, define value differently, and are often context dependent. Non-monetary methods can provide useful information to decision makers on the plurality of values, but to explore the full potential of these approaches and to learn about how they can be combined with other methods, we have to gather and analyse place specific data on how they are used, what results they produce, and how their results are incorporated in decision making.

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