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Project calendar

21-23 MARCH 2017

Final OpenNESS Annual Meeting in Smolenice, Slovakia

River Basin management in Israel and Palestine

On 12-14 May, OpenNESS coordinator Eeva Furman from SYKE and Jan Dick from CEH took part in the Kedron Valley/Wadi el Nar project workshop in Jerusalem, Israel.

The ambition of the group hosting the workshop is to solve both biologically and politically the problem of untreated sewage flowing down the Kidon river basin/Wadi el Nar valley in Eastern Jerusalem. The potential of the valley is great because of its enormous heritage, location and population. So the people of the Wadi took over where politicians left to fight political fights. This ‘bottom up process’ is a revolution in thinking and acting in a specially complicated political surrounding. Success is not guaranteed, but the motivation of the people involved is tremendous and projects start to deliver successes; better environment, education and meetings between Palestinians and Israelis.

The concept of creating a Long-term Social and Ecological Research (LTSER) platform was explored during the workshop and it was agreed that this concept should be taken to the next stage of planning. Both Eeva Furman and Jan Dick were invited onto the International Advisory Board.

Eeva Furman gave a presentation about the value of LTSER platforms when studying the ecosystem concept and in particular about the OpenNESS project, to provide ideas on ways to take research forward. The work of OpenNESS was welcomed with great interest by the international, Israeli and Palestinian participants.

Photo: Eeva Furman is giving a presentation