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Project calendar

21-23 MARCH 2017

Final OpenNESS Annual Meeting in Smolenice, Slovakia

OpenNESS Glossary beginning with T


Taxon (Pl. Taxa) search for term

The named classification unit to which individuals or sets of species are assigned. Higher taxa are those above the species level. For example, the common mouse, Mus musculus, belongs to the Genus Mus, the Family Muridae, and the Class Mammalia.

Threatened Species search for term

Species that face a high (vulnerable species), very high (endangered species), or extremely high (critically endangered species) risk of extinction in the wild.

Threshold search for term

(Ecological) A point at which an ecological system experiences a qualitative change, mostly in an abrupt and discontinuous way. In the context of OpenNESS we use ecological threshold and tipping points as synonyms. See also ‘regime shift’ and the distinction with ‘limit’.

Tipping Point search for term

Used here as being synonymous with 'ecological threshold'. 

Total Economic Value (TEV) search for term

A widely used framework to disaggregate the components of utilitarian value in monetary terms, including direct use value, indirect use value, option value, quasi-option value, and existence value.

Trade-off search for term

Situations in which one service increases and another one decreases. This may be due to simultaneous response to the same driver or due to true interactions among services.

Transdisciplinarity search for term

A reflexive, integrative, method-driven scientific principle aiming at the solution or transition of societal problems and concurrently of related scientific problems by differentiating and integrating knowledge from various scientific and societal bodies of knowledge.

Travel Costs Analysis search for term

Economic valuation techniques that use observed costs to travel to a destination to derive demand functions for that destination.

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